Wales: Aberystwyth & Snowdonia

On Monday I showed you photos of Cardiff from our 1st day from our trip to Wales and today you can see some of the photos I took on the second day. We planned to drive from Cardiff to Aberystwyth and from there to Snowdonia National Park. The weather forecast for the day wasn´t the best, because it promised some rain, but luckily there was no rain – just clouds.

Cardiff to Aberystwyth and from there to Snowdonia

Aberystwyth (FYI I´ve no idea how they pronounce that) is a historic market town, administrative centre and holiday resort. You can read more about it HERE.


Those benches look so cool!


The view was beautiful! If only it had been sunny!

Aberystwyth Aberystwyth Aberystwyth

This yellow spaceship-like thing is a rubbish pin. I normally don´t take photos of them, but I loved its design. I´ve never seen so cool trash pins on children´s playgrounds.


What I noticed in Aberystwyth were the colorful houses. I have never seen so far how one house is painted in different colors like this.


From Aberystwyth we drove to Snowdonia National Park. If you are used to mountains and hills then those mountain roads and views are probably not that special for you. But since in Estonia we don´t have any mountains (our highest peak is Suur Munamägi which is 318m above the sea level) then in our opinion all the views were breathtaking.Snowdonia Snowdonia Snowdonia Snowdonia

Find sheeps from the photo.


Those roads. Even though the speed limit was 60mph on most of them then you couldn´t really go any faster than 20-30 because some parts of those roads are narrow and curvy.



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