‪#‎Carefreechallenge‬ tips to keep your routine fresh

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Sverve and Carefree® as part of their Carefree® Freshness Challenge. All opinions are mine.

Routine is a great thing to have, but it may get dull and boring. My tips to keep your routine fresh are simple.

  • Try to sleep 7-8 hours a night. You can´t feel fresh if you haven´t slept well. I always air my room before going to bed, because I love cool fresh air in my bedroom, because it gives me better dreams. 
  • Try something new for breakfast. I love experimenting with new breakfasts – whether it’s a new smoothie recipe to try or eggs prepared in a new way there has to be some alternation, because you don´t want your day to start boring.
  • Try to eat less carbs and junk food. Believe me, your body will say thank you! There are so many frui, nuts and vegetables to try and different ways to prepare them. 
  • Exercising is great way make you feel better and it gives a lot of energy. Even if you are busy all the time then whenever possible prefer walking or cycling to a car or bus ride and take the stairs instead of the elevator. As a busy mom of almost 2 years old son then finding time to exercise may be a challenge. There is always option to do some power walking while my son takes his little nap in a stroller or when we are strolling to a grocery store. Btw when just jogging becomes too boring then attend races. Whether it´s a 5km or 10km or more, races give me a lot of energy and motivation.


  • Use some makeup! I know that as a busy mom it maybe be too time consuming to put on full face of makeup, but just a little BB cream, concealer, blush, powder, mascara and lip gloss will do the trick and everyone can see fresh you.
  • Are you used to having a diner always at home? Why not make things fun and try out a new restaurant that was opened a months ago and you still haven´t visited it.
  • To feel fresh and confident all day use Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners which are so thin that you won´t even notice them. 

tips to keep your routine fresh

  • Drink more water. It is important to stay hydrated because your body needs water for survival and you can´t feel fresh when you are dehydrated.

drink more water

  • Find a new hobby. Maybe you have always thought about trying needlework, sewing, gardening or you can sing or paint. Taking courses will break the daily routine and will give a great opportunity to meet some new people. Another great way to do something new and also help others is becoming a volunteer.

tips to keep your routine fresh

  • Start reading a new good book. Why not do some reading before bedtime instead of watching TV or spending time on the internet. I personally love reading criminal novels! 



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