Is Using Mink Eyelash Extensions a Good Idea


Women seeking lash enhancement often get confused when choosing between lash extensions made of different materials, such as, synthetic, silk, and mink. Deciding on the material could be a difficult task, if you do not have enough information about the pros and cons of each type. If you are not sure whether you should use mink eyelash extensions, consider knowing more about them from a reliable source like You can even read reviews of mink eyelash growth products and compare them on the basis of different parameters.

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The Importance of Evaluating Your Options

Using lash extensions is a proven way to get longer, thicker lashes. For getting the best results, however, you should choose the right product for you. Silk lashes and mink lashes would give you different looks. It is important for you to understand the difference and choose a product accordingly. Moreover, do not forget that eyes are sensitive organs. As such, it is important for you to choose a product that is safe for your eyes.

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Knowing More about Each Type

Let’s take a close look at each type. This would help you take your pick from an informed perspective.

  • Silk eyelashes – These are a favorite among busy professionals. You can wear them continuously for three to six weeks. They are very easy to maintain. In fact, you can continue with all your regular activities like sleeping, swimming, travelling, and playing, without having to remove the lashes. You will find them in curly shapes, with thicker bottom and thinner top. Moreover, these lightweight lashes are easy to carry and are a perfect choice for those looking for a natural look.
  • Synthetic eyelashes – These types would be a perfect option for those looking for a more dramatic look. Made of polished, synthetic materials, these lashes come with a glossy finish. You will find them in a wide assortment of curls and thicknesses. In general, these lashes are a little more on the thicker side. If you are already blessed with lush lashes, you perhaps should try this type. However, they are a little heavier than silk lashes, meaning that you may find problems in carrying them for long hours. One benefit of using these types is that they are quite durable.
  • Mink eyelashes – Made from real mink fur, mink eyelash extensions give you the most natural look. Soft and lightweight, mink lashes are a favorite among many popular actresses like Madonna and Catherine Zeta-Jones. You will find them in a wide variety of curls. The best part about them is that they usually do not lose their curl.

Why should You Prefer Mink Lashes over Other Options?

Now that you know the features of each type, you already know the answer. Mink eyelash extensions go well with almost every eye shape. They are comfortable to wear, lightweight, and natural looking. Obviously, they make a perfect choice for most of the woman. All you need to do is to choose a premium quality product for you. One good idea would be to compare among different mink lashes on acclaimed comparison websites like This would help you choose the right product for your eyes.


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