Envy Limoncello Melting Nail Art

Yesterday I showed you dark green Avon Gel  Finish nail polish in Envy. For my today´s manicure for short nails I used Envy as a base and created this very very simple melting nail art design using another Gel Finish nail polish – Limoncello.

Eile näitasin teile kena tumerohelist Avon Gel Finish lakki toonis Envy. Tänase sulanud ilmega küünemaalingu jaoks kasutasin Envy´t aga taustaks ning kombineerisin seda teise Gel Finish lakiga –  toonis Limoncello.

avon Gel Finish nail polishes

For my melting nail art manicure I first applied two coats of Avon Gel Finish nail polish in Envy on my nails. And then I added the design with yellow Avon Gel Finish nail polish in Limoncello and dotting tool ordered from Born Pretty Store. I finished my manicure with a coat of Essie Good To Go top coat.

Kõige pealt kandsin küüntele kaks kihti Avon Gel Finish lakki toonis Envy. Edasi kasutasin kollast Avon Gel Finish lakki toonis Limoncello ja Born Pretty Store´st tellitud täpitajat. Viimaseks sammuks selle maniküüri juures oli Essie Good To Go kiirkuivatav pealislakk.

melting nail art

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