Pink eye makeup and tutorial

Today was perfect sunny spring morning and so I decided to create bright pink eye makeup. For my look I used again 2 shades Vivo Cosmetics Show Me The Money 12 shade eyeshadow palette – light pink called Chill and shade Sunrise which is bright pink.
Tänane hommik oli nii ilus ja päikesepaisteline, et otsustasin teha roosa silmameigi. Seekord kasutasin jälle 2 tooni Vivo Cosmetics´i Show Me The Money lauvärvipaletist: heleroosat tooni Chill ning erksat roosat Sunrise.
pink eye makeup look

How I created it / Kuidas ma selle tegin

pink eye makeup tutorial
1 – apply eyeshadow primer. I used Avon Eyeshadow Primer
2 – apply light pink to inner corner and on brow bone. I used shade Chill and Real Techinques base shadow brush.
3 – apply pink all over you lid and in outer corner and in crease. I used shade Sunrise and Sigma E55 Eye Shading brush
4 – blend the pink shade. I used Sigma E40 Tapered Blending brush for that.
5 – apply some pink eyeshadow (or eyeliner) to lower lash line. I use shade Sunrise and Real Techniques Accent Brush.
6 – apply black eyeliner to upper lash line. I used Vivo Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black.
7 – apply mascara. I used Avon Super Drama mascara in black
1 – kanna laule lauvärvi aluskreem. Mina kasutasin Avoni lauvärvi aluskreemi
2 – kanna heleroosat silma sisenurka ja kulmuluule. Mina kasutasin tooni Chill ning Real Techniques Base Shadow bursh pintslit
3 – kanna roosat lauvärvi kogu laule, lauvakku ja silmavälisnurka. Mina kasutasin tooni Sunrise ja Sigma E55 Eye Shading pintslit
4 – hajuta laule kantud roosa toon suunaga ülespoole. Mina kasutasin hajutamiseks Sigma E40 Tapered Blending pintslit
5 – kanna roosat lauvärvi (või roosat lainerit) alumisele ripsmepiirile. Mina kasutasin jälle tooni Sunrise ning Real Techniques Accent Brush pintslit.
6 – kanna lainer ülemisele ripsmepiirile. Mina kasutasin Vivo Cosmetics´i Liquid Eyeliner lainerit toonis Carbon Black
7 – kanna ripsmetele ripsmetušš. Mina kasutasin Avon Super Drama ripsmekat toonis Black.

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