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Today I have this very very simple manicure for you 🙂
For this manicure I used Wild&Mild Matte nail polish in 23 City of Lights, Mineral Fusion base coat and dotting tool ordered from Born Pretty Store.
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For this manicure I first applied Mineral Fusion base coat and then added 2 coats of Wild&Mild Matte nail polish City of Lights. I finished my nails with for which I used Mineral Fusion base coat (because I needed a clear nail polish) and dotting tool ordered from Born Pretty Store. Since I wanted this manicure have this matte & shiny finish then I did not add any top coat this time 🙂
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Review about the Wild&Mild Matte nail enamel in City of Lights

I bought this Wild&Mild nail polish from Selver and I think it was little over €1 – so it is cheap. It has quite strange scent that reminds me of wall paint :S and it might cause headaches for some. What I like about this nail polish is that it covers pretty well just in 1 coat BUT what I do not like at all is that it is not the most easiest nail polish to apply. I have used it couple of times on my nails and each time I hope that I can get away with just one coat, but I always have to apply two because it does not look even in 1 coat. Love the drying time – just in 2-3 minutes it is almost dry. 
Would I purchase it again? 
Well I love the matte finish BUT I hate its scent and application, so probably not.


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