Comparison: Neon Poison VS I´m With the Lifeguard

Today on Beauty by Miss L comparison post Wild&Mild Neon Poison vs China Glaze I´m With the Lifeguard. CG I´m With the Lifeguard was one of my favorite nail polishes last summer and when I purchased Wild&Mild Neon Poison then it just reminded me CG polish so much that I had to compare them. So are these dupes? Read on ….
Here are the swatches. For the swatches I used two coats of nail polish (for the last two swatches I first used white nail polish and then added 2 coats of greens).
wild&mild neon  poison, China Glaze I´m with the Lifeguard
photo taken in sunlight
Neon poison, I´m with the lifeguard
photo taken with flash
photo taken indoors


So as you can see these two neon green polishes are very different. Wild&Mild Neon Poison is brighter and CG I´m With the Lifeguard contains soft shimmer and looks especially pretty in sunshine. Their formula is also different. For an opaque result you will need 3-4 coats of Wild&Mild Neon Poison but with CG I´m With the Lifeguard you can get away with two. 

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