OraMD giveaway for Canada and U.S. only

Have you ever heard of OraMD? 
OraMD is a 100% pure and natural liquid toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener. It is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and fluoride-free and comprised of 100% natural Almond, Spearmint and Peppermint Oils. These ingredients help to create a healthy environment in your mouth and kill the 22 harmful bacteria that lead to gum disease and other oral health problems. After using OraMD your teeth are polished, feels as smooth as glass and it leaves clean and fresh feeling. OraMD is safe and effective for everyone ages 3 & up and also safe for braces, veneers, bonds, crowns, fillings and dentures. 


Directions – 4 Step Oral Hygiene Program


1. Brush twice a day in the morning and evening using 2-5 drops of OraMD on a 


toothbrush and brush normally.
2. Floss every evening before brushing – more frequently as needed. Get any food particles
out from between teeth.
3. Use OraMD as a mouthwash twice a day: morning and evening. Just put 2-5 drops into
an ounce of water, swish and gargle.
4. Mid-morning, mid-afternoon and as needed: put 2-5 drops of OraMD on the tip of the
tongue to coat the gum line and teeth to kill bacteria and keep breath fresh.

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Onto the giveaway

To win a bottle of OraMD all you have to is fill out the Rafflecopter form. There will be 3 (yes three!) winners and each will get a bottle of OraMD. This giveaway is open to U.S and Canada ages 18+ only. The prize will be shipped directly from Trusted Health Products. The giveaways starts right now and ends May 17th 2013
The manufacturer is willing to offer my readers one FREE bottle of OraMD. They said they would love to have my readers try out OraMD and agreed to send one bottle FREE if my readers would pay a minimal shipping and handling charge. They also agreed to include 2 eye-opening reports called 1) “The 6 Hidden Dangers In Toothpaste” and 2) “Why The FDA Requires A Warning Label On Your Toothpaste.” That’s a total value of over $40.00. Click here to get your FREE bottle and FREE reports now.


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