Budget beauty tips: How to look good on a shoestring

Today I have a guest post for you written by Isabella Franklin. 
With plastic surgery clinics providing everything from nose jobs to tummy tucks, it can be easy to look good – if you have the funds. Sure, there are many flexible finance option available these days, but there are also ways to perfect your appearance on a shoestring.Raid your kitchen cupboards

Why spend a fortune on exfoliating bath creams and soaps when you don’t have to? Natural abrasives such as salt and sugar work just as well and are sure to be a lot cheaper than some of the top-end beauty products out there. Simply combine the granules with olive oil or soft butter and gently massage over your body in small concentric circles. This will remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and leave you with a soft, silky complexion.

Whip up a natural facemask

While we’re on the subject of food, fruit makes a wonderful facemask. That’s right, everything from strawberries to avocados can be applied to the skin and combat a wide range of ailments such as spots and wrinkles. The good news is, there are no harsh chemicals in natural products either and you won’t have to sift through a list of ingredients if you have allergies. With this in mind, why not give organic face packs a go and reap the benefits?

Make waste a thing of the past

There’s no room for waste if you’re on a tight budget, so try mixing your daily foundation with a high quality moisturiser. This will make it last longer but will keep your skin looking glowing and refreshed. Adding a tiny drop of olive oil to a nearly empty mascara bottle can work wonders if you’re running out and keeping your eye liner pencils sharpened should keep them in use. Of course, new products are great to buy now and again, but try not to throw things away if you don’t have to.

Make the most of testers and freebies

Companies hand out testers from time-to-time, so keep a look out for special deals or get your hands on some money-off coupons. Always shop around to find the best bargain and buy in bulk if it’s kinder on your bank balance. If you’re an avid writer and run a well-respected blog, you could even review products in return for freebies. This is a great way to stock up your makeup bag and could even attract new followers.

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