Comparison post Nubar vs Maybelline Colorama

A little comparison post today 🙂
When I bought Maybelline Colorama #749 polish then I thought that it might be very similar to Maybelline miniColorama nail polish in Urban Lemon, but I discovered that it actually looks almost the same as Nubar Hot Yellow

comaprison post

On the swatches below you can see three coats of Nubar Hot Yellow and 2 coats of Maybelline Colorama #749. So their shades and finishes are almost the same. Nubar Hot Yellow is very sheer and so for opaque result you´ll need 3-4 coats of nail polish. With Colorama #749 you´ll get opaque result with 2 coats. Their drying times are almost the same. Neither of them has stained my nails so  far and they both are easy to remove. When it comes to their price then Maybelline Colorama is cheaper. 
swatches yellow nail polish

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