Spring Cleanup …

Today I did spring cleanup in my nail polish drawer. From time to time I check all my polishes if they are still usable etc. 

Here is my little nail polish collection
nail lacquers, nail enamels

and this time I had to say goodbye to these 3 polishes. 
nail lacquers, nail enamels

First from the left is one of my favorite glitter polishes – Golden Goddess by e.l.f. (You can see y manicures with this polish HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE). I had to throw it away because its practically empty and what left is very very thick and it just can´t be used any more. Elf Golden Goddess looks simply gorgeous and doesn´t cost much. I have to order new one when I make e.l.f.haul next time.
 In the middle you can L´ Oreal Resist & Shine nail polish #106.  I have had it for…maybe for 6 or 7 years and so it was as well as empty. It was an ok nail polish,  but nothing special.
The last on is Aden Cosmetics nail polish without any number or name. It stunk bad! And it has always been quite thick and not really my favorite, but today I discovered that it was totally unusable and so bye bye. 

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