Haul post: let´s face it – I love shopping :P

This is the second haul post this week and there is one more to come actually 🙂
So lets start with some beauty products that I bought and ordered (in January and early February).
In January I made another collective elf haul and this is the only item I got for myself this time. I have previously used elf Tinted Moisturiser SPF20 that I absolutely loved and so I wanted to try this one. Unfortunately the shade Rosy Beige is too dark for me at this moment. I hope it will fit me in summer 🙂
elf toonitud niisutaja, haul, shopping

Form Oriflame I ordered Cuticle Remover Gel ( that I am absolutely loving) and Oriflame Optimals Time Relax Night Cream. I have used it couple of times and so far I like it. I also ordered their VeyMe Fat Lash Black Out mascara, that I am still not loving :S
haul, shopping

haul, shopping,

I bought these two products, because I needed makeup remover and facial cleanser fast. I ordered new makeup remover and facial wash from iHerb , but since customs was holding my package and I ran out of both products then I just went to Selver and just bought something. So I purchased Nivea Aqua Effect facial wash (which is pretty good) and Byphasse makeup remover (not loving it at all :S )
face wash, eye makeup remover

 Onto the not beauty products. I wanted nice simple crossbody bag in white. But when I started to place the order then I just had to order 2 different pink bags and black one also. When I made the order then I was thinking that ok, I when I receive them then I will keep the white one and maybe one pink bag, too, but sell the rest…. and when they arrived they looked just so cure that I kept all four. Do I need so many? No! 
bags,  accessories, haul, shopping
Then I ordered this tiny clutch where I can put my mobile and debit card 😀 
haul, shopping, accessories
I also purchased this simple bodycon dress. I absolutely love it and I hope I can wear it soon 🙂
haul, shopping

Then I visited Tartu and went to Lõunakeskus and for some reason visited Bastion and bought this white lace shirt. I was actually looking for a blouse or shirt or top to wear with black pants this weekend and when I saw this one then I just knew that this is the one 🙂
haul, shopping
And finally something for my boots and shoes. I have written about these Ecco products in my blog before (in Estonian only unfortunately) and I love love love these and I have been using Ecco Foam Cleanser and Universal Waterproofing Spray for about 4 years now. 
haul, shopping
And that it for now 🙂


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