Review: MUA Professional Eye Primer

MUA Professional Eye Primer
I ordered MUA Makeup Academy Professional Eye Primer in July from MUA online store. I have been using it ever since I received it and so far this probably is one of my favorite eye primers. 
Information and ingredients from packaging
Budget friendly MUA Professional Eye Primer comes in sleek plastic packaging with an applicator. With this applicator it is very easy to apply the primer. I usually apply it with applicator and then blend it with my little finger. The primer is slightly tinted, but when applied and blended on eyelid then it looks rather clear. The formula of the primer is bit sticky. 


Likes & dislikes:
What I like about it:
– budget friendly – it costs £2.50 on MUA online store
– easy to apply
– all my eye shadows stay on very well all day (more than 12hours)
– eye shadows won´t crease or fade
– doesn´t irritate my eyes
– convenient packaging
What I don´t like:
There really isn´t anything not to like 😛
Would I purchase it again?
Yes! I really like it. It doesn´t cost much and eyeshadows won´t crease or fade during the day. Love it!
Have you tried MUA Professional Eye Primer? Do you have a favorite eye primer?

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