How to Clean Up Your Nails After Messy Nail Art

We love polishing our nails and we love doing nail art and sometimes some nail art can be very messy. For example after watermarbling, watercolor without water or splatter manis you cannot escape from cleaning around your nails. 

I decided to show you what I use for cleaning cuticle area and how I do it. 

So what I use: 
A good nail polish remover. Lately I have been using Depend´s Super Quick Nail Polish Remover.
Cotton buds or Q-tips. I use these for cleaning up the bigger mess around my nails and cuticle area. 
A small flat brush. It can be the cheapest one from eBay, because since you are using nail polish remover or acetone then the brush won´t last for ever. 

A sheet of paper tissue or paper towel

Something for nourishing my hands and cuticles after the cleaning process.

The steps:
1. I pour out some nail polish remover. I use the cap of the nail polish remover bottle.
2. For cleaning up the bigger mess I dip q-tip into the nail polish remover and swipe away bigger mess. 
3. For precise cleaning I take the brush, dip it into the nail polish remover and carefully clean my cuticle area. I the paper towel to swipe the brush clean.
4. After I have finished cleaning I use cuticle oil and/or hand cream to moisturise and nourish my hands and cuticle area.

And here is video about how I do it:

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