Review: Stamping plate from KKHenterHK

These stamping plate, scraper and stamp were sent for me to review from KKCenterHk.

On the photo:
N.Nail Scraper And Stamp Set JR1055
N.Nail Stamping Image Stamp Template Plate SPPMB17


The scraper and stamp have very good quality. The scraper has edge made of metal that works well for removing the excess nail polish from the image plate, but it does scratch the surface of the image plate a little. 
The stamp is very good. I like it even more that the one I previously had.
N.Nail Stamping Image Stamp Template Plate SPPMB17
The image plate isn´t very big (diameter 5.6cm). It has te same size as the image plates sold at Born Pretty Store. 
The images on the plate are clear and well made. 
The image plate is covered with plastic which you have to remove before you start stamping. 
Before doing my nails I tried stamping all the images on a sheet of paper. All images transfered easily and looked perfect – no smearing etc. 
You can purchase the Stamp&Scraper Set and the image plates from KKCenterHk
Scarper and Stamp Set costs $4.50 and the image plate costs $5.05
Click HERE to see my mani where I used images from this image plate.
* These products were sent for me for review. All my opinions about them are my own and I am not getting paid for the review 

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