MUA Going for Gold eyeshadow palette swatches & review

MUA Going for Gold eyeshadow palette
MUA Going for Gold palette is a limited edition palette created to celebrate 2012 London Olympics. This palette costs £4 and it contains 10 bright and well pigmented shimmery shades. 
MUA Going for Gold lauvärvi palett on piiratud koguses spetsiaalselt välja antud 2012 Londoni olümpia auks. Selles lauvärvi paletis on 10 erksat, hästi pigmenteeritud sädelevat tooni. Lauvärvipaleti hinnaks on 4£ / natuke üle 5€.

The eye shadows are in square pans and also there is a double sided applicator (which I don´t use since I prefer brushes)
These eye shadows have no names – they are numbered. 
And here comes the photo spam 😛
photo taken in sunlight
photo taken in shade
photo taken with flash
And the swatches of MUA Going for Gold eyeshadow palette. As always first swatch is on my bare skin and the second one is swatched over MUA Professional Eye Primer
First row
photo taken in sunlight
photo taken in shade
photo taken with flash
and the second row
photo taken in sunlight
photo taken in shade
photo taken with flash
Likes & dislikes
What I like
– great price
– very pretty shades that are perfect for summer
– very well pigmented
– easy to blend
– stay on very well if used with primer
– easy to remove with eye makeup remover
What I don´t like
– there is some fall out when applying the eye shadows
– this eyeshadow palette doesn´t come with a mirror
– all shades are shimmery
Would I buy it again?
YES! I love this eyeshadow palette. For this price the quality is great!
Do you have this MUA eyeshadow palette or would you like to have it? 
Meeldimised ja mitte meeldimised
Mis mulle meeldis:
– väga hea hind
– kenad suviseks kasutamiseks sobivad toonid
– väga hästi pigmenteeritud
– lihtne hajutada
– püsivad primerit kasutades väga hästi peal
– lihtne eemaldada silmameigi eemaldajaga
Mis mulle ei meeldi:
– lauvärve peale kandes pudeneb veidi ka silma alla
– ei ole peeglit
– kõik toonid on sädelevad
Kas ma ostaks seda paletti veel?
JAH. Mulle väga väga meeldib see lauvärvi palett ning selle hinna eest on kvaliteet väga hea!
Kas Sul on juba see MUA lauvärvi palett? Kas sa tahaksid seda?

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